Urban Canvas Ceramic-BISCUIT

Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile – Gloss


Pre-Consumer: 46.7%
Post-Consumer: 0.0%

Manufacturing Plant: Monterrey, MX
SKU: stla100-31-1


Unveil a contemporary style with the color palette of Urban Canvas. From soft tones to vivid hues, Urban Canvas adds a touch of flair that complements fashionable tile shapes and sizes to create stunning designs. Discover the movement of pattern using smooth or wavy texture. Urban Canvas offers unlimited possibilities for individual style.


  • (1) & (2) notations indicate price group, (1) being the least expensive.
  • 0078, 0038, 0037, 0042, 0049, 0009, 0041, 0039, 0004, 0064, 0078, 0038, 0037, & 0064 are made to order. Lead time is 6-8 weeks from date of order.
  • Since there are variations in all fired ceramic and natural products, tile and trim supplied for your particular installation may not match samples. Final confirmation should be made from actual tiles and trim prior to installation. Manufactured in accordance with ANSI A137.1 standards.
  • For additional information click here for “Factors to Consider”.

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